Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Jersey Fall Foliage Tours

This weekend is going to be nice and should be prime fall foliage time in the Skylands of the state. Here are two recommended trips:

NJ Fall Peepage Tour #1: The Lake & Gap Tour

1. High Point State Park Monument
On the left is the view from the pond shore (with a certain DVD) and right is the view of the monument.

2. Delaware Water Gap view- Upper Yard Creek Reservoir. If you want to hike for the better view, go to Mount Tammany. Check out this photo by flickr user Karen Peterson.

3. Lake Mohawk Drive. This realtor youtube video to give you an idea.

5. Ort Farms - It should be pretty busy with activities and so delicious local food.

NJ Fall Peepage Tour #2: The Rolling Hills River Towns Tour

1. Start at the Red Mill in Clinton. Best pictures are during the morning hours, when the sun is shining on the mill.

2. Milford

3. Green Sergeant Covered Bridge - Oldest remaining covered bridge in New Jersey. Here's a State bilking guide for this route.

4. Lambertville - Might be a good time to stop by the River Horse brewery. Or if you're here on Saturday, watch out for traffic. The Pet Masquerade is in the afternoon.

Take it easy on the River Horse, on Sourland Mountain, Lindbergh Rd. is narrow and treacherous!

5. East - West Jersey Dividing Line Marker. Only one of the lines that divided Jersey, the Keith Line.

I purposely did not write down exact routes. There are some detours and very narrow roads. Use caution and have fun leaf peeping!


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