Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Springsteen songs = free stuff

So, we at New Jersey: the Movie have a challenge for you.

We want to interact with fans more and get people very excited for our upcoming screenings in the next couple months.  So here it is:  

The closest person to guess 7 of Steve's favorite Springsteen songs will win 2 free New Jersey: the Movie t-shirts plus 2 free tickets to one the the upcoming screenings of the film.

1) You have to select 7 songs (not 6 or 8).
2) You must email them to: nsjersey[at] or you may post them in the comment section here.

Winner will be notified via email  . . . 

All we ask is that you become a "fan" on New Jersey: the Movie on Facebook (if you own an account).

HINTS: 1 is a newer song from Magic, 5 are from the 80s (1 from Nebraska, 2 from The River and 2 from Born in the USA) and 1 is from the 70s (and it is NOT from Born to Run).  

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Roller Derby anyone?

Not totally about New Jersey - but there was a great article in the NY Times Magazine about the resurgence of Roller Derby across the USA.  Of this, there are many New Jersey roller derby girl teams and we included the Jersey Shore Roller Derby Girls in our documentary.  

Here are the Jersey Shore Roller Girls explaining the flat-track game:

Here are many New Jersey teams that you should check out:

South Jersey Shore - Boardwalk Brawlers 
North Jersey Shore - Jersey Shore Roller Girls
New Brunswick - New Jersey Dirty Dames
Morristown  - Morristown Madams 
Skylands - Sisters of Mayhem