Sunday, February 1, 2009

Roller Derby anyone?

Not totally about New Jersey - but there was a great article in the NY Times Magazine about the resurgence of Roller Derby across the USA.  Of this, there are many New Jersey roller derby girl teams and we included the Jersey Shore Roller Derby Girls in our documentary.  

Here are the Jersey Shore Roller Girls explaining the flat-track game:

Here are many New Jersey teams that you should check out:

South Jersey Shore - Boardwalk Brawlers 
North Jersey Shore - Jersey Shore Roller Girls
New Brunswick - New Jersey Dirty Dames
Morristown  - Morristown Madams 
Skylands - Sisters of Mayhem 


c3 said...

Hey! Its great to see some more press on the great sport of Roller Derby! Just one change - the Skylands area of NJ has a team that formed in November of 2008 called The Skyland Roller Girls :) the Sisters of Mayhem do not exist anymore. Also, another new team just started this month. They are the Psycho 78's out of Hopatcong, NJ. Keep up the good work, and thanks!!

Timothy Spann (PaasDev) said...

Penn Jersey Roller Derby

Is banked and flat track and co-ed.

we skate games in Mount Laurel, NJ and Philadelphia.