Sunday, September 23, 2007

Buzz . . .

We just filmed a driving competition between North and South Jersey girls. Who can parallel park better? Or better navigate one of NJ's infamous traffic circles?
Who won . . . South Jersey or North Jersey?

Well you'll have to see the film, but we may put a trailer up here soon.

Also, check out our write ups:

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Our remaining filming schedule includes a couple festivals in the disputed territories of Mercer & Monmouth Counties, LBI's Chowderfest, a Giants-Eagles' game at Theo's Tavern in Hightstown, NJ , Rutgers football tailgating and the flooding of the cranberry fields.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Get out your notebooks & maps

We were at TCNJ today and it was eye opening. I had to cut A LOT here just to trim it to 6 minutes (a long highlight for us). The centrally located town of Ewing provides the setting for the campus, which is perfect as you will see when the guy talks about how antennas had to be tilted certain ways to get Philly or New York channels years back.

Going to college in NJ is one of the first times students from this state run into the "culture shock" of North and South Jersey: you say where you're from and get judged by others who are from somewhere different. This is where the debate starts many times and thanks to TCNJ we were able to witness a lot: best friends saying completely different answers . . . people realizing that there are cultural differences among them, but they are most definitely united on campus about Wawa, though there is a 7-11 right down the street. We think we also got to the bottom of some counties in terms of North/ South. . . but you judge.

I editing all of these really fast, keep that in mind. I'm losing sleep but doing it because people are really watching now! We are definitely starting to gain a following.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Cowtown Rodeo - Salem

Yesterday we filmed in Cape May and Salem Counties. We used an HD camera, which only my production assistant can upload with, so here is what we did with the "mini-mini" DV camera at the Cowtown Rodeo In Pilesgrove Twp., NJ - Salem County.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

South Jersey Shore

Here is old footage that I finally got around to uploading from the South Jersey Shore.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Of Football, lip liner and Wawa

We have a lot of footage and will be shooting much more over the next two months. We have so much that I have to get another external hard drive for all of the video!

I really don't quite know if the stuff that I put on here will make final cut. It will be a long process.

But anyway, listen to Stafford Twp.'s Mayor talk about the North Jersey "push" South in relation to football. This would go along with Bob at West and his Receding Hairline Theory:

Some residents of South Jersey will personally define what is South Jersey by the amount of over-development that occurs. If rural character is used as a yardstick then South Jersey is the area that is less developed than North Jersey. Unfortunately, the hairline continues to recede.

Then, listen as a South Jersey girl who moved North describes her definition and how much she loves Wawa. One thing that we're finding here: South Jersey and Shore people are very loyal to Wawa and people that have moved from the North gladly prefer it over 7-11 and Quick Check.