Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009


After seeing the Arizona Cardinals shock the Carolina Panthers, I think it is safe to say this game today is for the Super Bowl. No disrespect to the Cardinals - I just think the Giants AND Eagles are both relieved to see the Panthers out of the way.

Anyway, enjoy the game today. I have to work later on - so I might be drinking coffee and not beer, but I may be up in Hightstown, Exit 8 off the turnpike, at the Tavern on the Lake (1o1 N. Main St.) for the first part of today's game. If you want to see a 50/50 divide of Eagles & Giants' fans - go there (though I think it will be more like 60%-40% Giants).

And finally, we were mentioned in the New York Daily News today and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Enjoy reading!

Friday, January 9, 2009

ABC Story on NJ Eagles-Giants Divide, etc.

Good story on the Eagles-Giants' divide, but they got the 195 thing wrong . . . though it is close. There are few Eagles' fans in Brick Township, for instance, which is well south of 195. But, they interviewed a friend, Mayor Ron Dancer, of Plumsted Twp. who is featured in our film.

Also there is a good article in the Philly Inquirer today about Mulligan's in Hoboken - which is my neighborhood pub - where I watched most of the Eagles'games and the Phillies' World Series run as well.

Finally, I will be interviewing tomorrow morning around 7:30am on WJRZ 1001. FM

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Jersey divided between 2 NFL Football Teams

In North Jersey - they will be rooting for the New York Giants. And in South Jersey, they'll be pulling for the Philadelphia Eagles. However, there will be about 3 - 4 New Jersey counties in the "central areas" where you can see a 50/50 mix of Eagles & Giants' fans at the nearby tavern for next Sunday's NFL playoff game. However, each county distributes their sports loyalties differently.

Warren County is pretty much Giants' territory now - except for some mixture in the southwestern river towns centering around Phillipsburg - but these days - it's all leaning Giants.

Hunterdon County is Mostly Giants - except there is a mixture along the river towns. In the southern part, there continues to be some Eagles' dominance.

Mercer County is pretty evenly split and it is the only county in NJ with no clear territory in any town. The northern towns lean toward the Giants & the southern towns lean toward the Eagles.

Ocean County has many of its municipalities leaning toward the Giants, though there is strong Eagles in the far south and in Plumsted Twp.  However, it is the only county that has all 4 types of loyalties  (Solid Giants, Leaning Giants, Solid Eagles & Leaning Eagles).

Middlesex & Somerset Counties are solid Giants' counties.

Monmouth County has the two townships in the panhandle that are a mixture, but there aren't many good taverns in those areas to compare here.