Sunday, June 1, 2008

Wikipedia debate

One of the funniest (and frustrating) things that I have seen written about New Jersey on the web has been the wikipedia entries: North Jersey, Central Jersey and South Jersey. They helped me for the documentary. Then, they changed. Things got deleted and people got mad.

Considering wikipedia's open-source editing - this is to be expected: someone with an agenda gets control and crowds out the others. Also I realize that this blog entry could be inviting disaster - keeping in mind that anyone can edit the online encyclopedia.

But, the North and South Jersey entries need to be improved to what they were a year ago . . . I just feel strongly here because these original articles helped immensely in starting my quest. They didn't influence me so much as they provided me with links and theories that had some foundation. And I kept in mind that it's wikipedia - and has many flaws - but still a source that I enjoy.

Then I had a South Jersey girl write to me about how she thought there was no "Central Jersey." She referenced the newly-edited version of Central Jersey - which she considered biased to the "Raritan Valley." If all of "Central Jersey" is within the New York Metropolitan Area (as the author claims) - then surely that means it's North Jersey, yes?

The article has gotten better with debate - but I tried to add the idea of Plumsted Township (which is near the state's geographic center) and it keeps getting deleted. It just reinforces my opinion that we can't agree on anything within this state! And I don't have to patience to include our documentary's findings yet in these pages.

I'll let you decide. Check out the discussion that contributors to the Central Jersey article have been having. I added a comment. To me, again, it just shows that we can't agree on anything. . . . Let alone if there is a Central Jersey or not.

Still looking for someone to tell me something that they all have in common.

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