Monday, June 16, 2008

My favorite New Jersey towns

I am very busy this week - but will try to blog as much as I can . . .

So I thought I would quickly list my favorite NJ towns. I would recommend these to any of you for day trips this summer:
1. Atlantic City - Some bars don't close at all and either do the casinos.
2. Lambertville - Right across from New Hope, PA - If my girlfriend and I ever get married and start a family - this is the number one spot in Jersey where I would want to live (if I ever wanted to leave the fast-paced Hoboken).
3. Red Bank - Locals tell me the town has changed, but with a great mix of culture and salt air (and many Devils' fans) this town ranks very high with me.
4. Haddonfield - a wealthy Philadelphia suburb gets major points for its downtown and its accessibility to the PATCO.
5. Princeton - Because of the University, this feels more like a New England town in many ways, especially with historic Baker Rink, which is still my favorite place to watch an ice hockey game.
6. Cape May - If you're a couple - there is no better place . . . ANY season. Ranks third in the US in wedding destinations behind Disney World and Vegas.
7. New Brunswick - So much energy because of Rutgers and is much more of a city than Princeton.
8. Hoboken - It's my town and if you're young - there is no better place to party . . . well . . besides . . . AC.
9. & 10. . . . you PICK with your emails and comments; I'm interested!


Jen A. Miller said...

What, no Collingswood?

I kid, I kid. I went to high school in Haddonfield. Collingswood's just up Haddon Ave (or two PATCO stops), so I'd recommend hitting both in one day!

John and Lisa Howard-Fusco said...

9th - Ocean City: the best beach and boardwalk for the family

10th - 3-way tie with the Holy Trio of Great Restaurant Towns...Madison, Chatham and Monclair

Honorable Mention - Collingswood: I have to give them props for becoming a foodie town

sandra said...

Red bank has changed alot.. I have lived here all my life.. and when I was young it was very different and more "homey" where eveyone knows everyone; and of course is in everyones business; now I feel like it is very cold; and more like a business district; especially the down town area; there used to be no chic designer shops and the only theatre was count basie; now everything is very upscale catering much more to the upper class