Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This is what stir crazy looks like . . .

Writing, editing and not sleeping. This has been and will be the rest of my week.


-I am finishing up a couple chapters on our planned book with John T. Cunningham and Bob Barnett. . . and want them to be good. Mr. Cunningham's 93rd birthday is this week and I wanted a "gift" for him to be a two newly finished chapters.

-The entire film crew is meting Friday to go over final cuts, paperwork, marketing strategy, film festival submissions, lawyer paperwork, etc.

-I am working with photographer extraordinaire, Christian Lipinski, and organizing a cover/ poster shoot for the film.

-I am also sinking my teeth into a screenplay about the Jersey Shore that I hope to have finished by September. . . . if you liked my last entry, you'll love it.

-I am here blogging - but you are reading, so I appreciate your interest and support! We still need donations . . . I would like to thank Jeff Kosiorek, and Dennis and John Heenan for their recent online contributions to our project, which without these donations, we could not even afford to enter the film into film festivals, let alone travel there . . . your support will be noted and is welcome. If you want to donate: CLICK HERE . . . Thank you again!

Here is a back clip from October at the Chatsworth Cranberry Festival:

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