Saturday, June 7, 2008

In the Philadelphia Inquirer tomorrow . . .

You can read the article here. Thanks to Amy Rosenberg at the Inquirer for taking the time to do this story on us! :)
As an aspiring writer, I have to admit: Amy is a great writer. But I was misquoted a couple times. I would never want us to have Staten Island, that is what I said that I believe New Yorkers wanted! And the inbreeding quote was not mine! But I do appreciate an artist trying to paint a picture . . . Amy Rosenberg . . . thank you again!

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olgapolites said...

Steve--I've been living in Cherry Hill (pure South Jersey) for almost 40 years. Five years ago we bought a summer home down the shore in Manahawkin. When Comcast hooked us up, we got double the local stations--New York and Philly! Perhaps a comparative analysis of second home owners may settle the north/south line.


Olga Polites

Ann Delaney said...

Great article. Allegiance to Philadelphia is the key. We are loyal to our forefathers...they discovered the Jersey Shore!

Jerry Carino said...


Your grand question hits home. I have lived in Mount Laurel (South Jersey), Gloucester City (deep South Jersey), Old Bridge (Central Jersey), Belmar (Central Jersey) and South Orange (North Jersey). My brother rents in LBI (confused place, no label possible). I work in Bridgewater (most would say North Jersey, but our website is, go figure).

My rule of thumb traditionally has been "WaWa or 7-11?" But that's changing as each slowly encroaches on the other's ground.

I live in South Jersey now, but I still get a kick out of walking into a deli, asking for an "Italian sub" and seeing the reaction behind the counter.

Beth said...

Love the topic! I grew up in snobbish Bergen Co (most decidedly North Jersey) and now live in lovely Evesham Township (absolutely S. Jersey). People in North Jersey do not think about S. Jersey at all, let alone where they consider the line to be! And S. Jersyans are either so Philly/Maryland-identified, they don't even consider N. Jersey part of NJ at all!

Jason said...

Great article, cant' wait for the movie to come out!