Wednesday, June 4, 2008

No major accomplishment, but . . . .

I correctly picked all 21 counties and how they would vote in the New Jersey Democratic Primary for the US Senate in the post below on Monday. I went 100% - 21/21.  . . . Now, most political pundits would have also agreed too, and Lautenberg was heavily favored - so this is no big accomplishment on my part. But how does a guy like me, who is not an insider on NJ politics pick this so accurately?

BECAUSE there IS A NORTH - SOUTH JERSEY DIVIDE - notice they couldn't hide behind "Central" here?

How the Democratic vote went yesterday seems awfully similar to our Dunkin' Donuts line, with Mercer playing the role of flip flopper as usual.  The anomaly of Ocean County continues (something we'll explore in the film too).  Click here for the results.

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