Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mapping the Dunkin' Donuts' Dividing Line

For a while now, you probably have seen the "Box & Cup of Joe" available at Dunkin' Donuts which featured NFL football teams as the designs. What you may not have known, though, is that in the State of New Jersey, your box will be different depending on what county you happen to be in. Some counties have Philadelphia Eagles' boxes and some have combined New York Giants & Jets' boxes.

Every county's seems to be uniform and it appears that Dunkin' didn't divide any county (though a colleague of mine swears that in Phillipsburg, they have Eagles' boxes . . . two phone calls failed to confirm this). It pretty much follows the media market each county tends to be included in: New York or Philadelphia.

It somewhat follows our Sports' loyalty dividing line (you'll have to see the film for that), but we do have a message for Dunkin' Donuts: People prefer choice. In Princeton and Manahawkin, we have met plenty of people near these "border lines" that can't bear to drink out of a hated team's mug or box. Don't know how cost effective it would be offering a choice, but Dunkin' would have happier customers, surely.

Here is the dividing line in the state based on where you would have found the NFL Box & Cup of Joes. Red indicates Philadelphia Eagles' places and Blue indicates: New York Giants and Jets.


Bill Mecca said...

Don't tell people in Southern Ocean county they are in NOrth Jersey!! Eagles fans all the way.

Brian said...

This is a great idea. I was raised in south Jersey but am a big Giants fan so I know the feeling.

This also supports my theory on where the line is. When I first saw the question posed, I said the line "is Trenton, and goes in a NW by SW trajectory to the shore." I think Trenton is a bit of a no man's land though, I don't think anyone from Trenton would say they live in South Jersey.

Keep up the good work.