Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thank you . . .

Hey all, thank you for your emails, comments and posts to Kelly's blog. We have been overwhelmed by the response and positive feedback.

Just an important note: to those worried about Central Jersey, we understand - but feel that you can take statistics, interviews (and gut feelings) and side every town in New Jersey either North or South. We have tried to treat it with care and talked to a lot of historians, but it's not scientific.

For at least the next month I am planning on posting a different "dividing line" map a week. Here is New Jersey split by distance in miles from the centers of Manhattan and Philadelphia. It is my friend Bob's map from West and (as you can see) he uses the 8 southern counties as his definition.

Even after our film - the debate should NEVER end. It's fun water cooler discussion and should always be. It has been difficult - there have been many times that I asked my co-directors, "Well maybe we can just leave the question open at the end of the film?" They reminded me that we promised people a line so we have to give them one.

You will see two : our line based on our research and the "People's line" that Kelly mentions in her blog. We will also post dates here when the film will be showing in your area. And yes, most importantly, we'll answer the question, "What unites us?" at the end of the film.

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