Thursday, March 6, 2008

Is Readington - the site of the "Penny Protest," in North or South Jersey?

Everyone knows about the Penny Protest in Readington by now and I will not get into the politics of it at all. But I have just one (very predictable) question. Is Readington in North or South Jersey?

I ask this because I first saw the story linked on Drudge to ABC 6 Action News in Philadelphia. It appears that they got there before the New York bureau. But logging on to the sites today, you can see that the Philly's online video coverage has been replaced by New York's.

If you look at the channel lineups for basic cable in Readington, they only get one Philly station for local news, FOX 29, who posted the story 17 minutes before their brethren at FOX 5 in NY.

Both NBCs either ignored the story or it isn't available online at this time.

Finally, both the Philly CBS 3 and the NY CBS 2 have the same times logged, but the New York version of the news appears on both sites.

So, what am I saying?

Well, if you're going by the Cable TV theory, then it appears Readington is in North Jersey (Getting all of the New York stations and only one from Philly, two if you count CW Philly).

But Philly's foray into this area was interesting. It appears that the Philly stations may have been on this story first, but backed down because it wasn't their territory. And the NY channels get to keep their reporting online, even though Philly got their quicker, supposedly. Would love to hear anyone in the media industries' comments or emails about protocol here. . . I mean there's probably some agreement that I don't know about. But, it's weird, because the students and parents weren't going to be able to view their own Philly interviews at all.

Similar things happen in Toms River, where the Philly bureau covers them more, but most residents that I spoke to watch the New York news. Many only turn on the Philly stations for the weather.

To make things interesting, Readington is also very close to the most northern Wawa in New Jersey.

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