Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This Friday and other stuff

Just a heads up - we may possibly be showing some clips from our film and Steve (me) may be on hand to answer questions - THIS Friday 5/30 at the Newark Bears' game. They are doing an NJ Toll Extravaganza and it would be on the jumbotron. All fans who present a toll receipt will get a discounted ticket. It came up as a last minute thing, we're just seeing if we can do it in time.

In other news . . the Hoboken Film Festival is taking place this weekend. We're eying it for next year, as our film is not yet completed, but check out our immensely talented friend's film: "Fratelli Breaks" which is showing there this Sunday 6/1.

In June you can expect on this blog:

-Updates on where screenings will occur
-Readers' emails (as features)
-More clips (they'll be more in the summer)
-And a Top 10 List of New Jersey stereotypes . . . please send me your suggestions and subscribe to our blog (the link is to the lower left)!


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