Wednesday, May 21, 2008

You voted Ewing to be in North Jersey . . .

Me, as promised, in my NJ Devils' jersey, using my hands to fit the emblem in the pic.

But will Ewing be the same in the movie? You'll have to see. The latest news is that I am going to a semi-wrap party tomorrow . . . and the editing will more than likely be done in June. We're thinking 2 - 3 versions. One short (about 25 minutes), one long version (an hour or more) and one short version for general audiences (international and those in the US who aren't familiar with the state). Stay tuned!

PS - The movie will be be making the film festival circuit in its early stages . . . and that means we will also be entering in many of the NJ film festivals . . . so be prepared to see it in your local theater!

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sj leeds said...

Is the movie going to be in theaters or on DVD?