Sunday, May 11, 2008

Is Asbury Park in North or South Jersey?

OK, I was shocked at how one-sided the Flemington votes were (88% North, 11% South) so I decided to go across the state - way across - to the beach. Bruce Springsteen had a great speech about what it means to be from New Jersey at the New Jersey Hall of Fame induction ceremony a week back. . . so I thought it appropriate to pick the town which inspired his first album cover, Asbury Park.

Arguments for North:

-Residents get all New York local news and sports' channels
-NJ Transit train lines to Newark/ New York go through the town (and south of it) . . . no --Philadelphia linked train line.
-Residents are New York/ New Jersey sports' fans . . . not a Philly fan in sight
-People fly out of Newark
-It is a "sub" here
-They call tourists "Bennys" not Shoobies

Arguments for South:

-They get some Philadelphia network affiliates - it differs slightly with cable plan*, but both get at least 3 -4 channels
-It is Pork Roll, not Taylor Ham
-There are an abundance of Wawas around, complete with Philly soft pretzels
-It is south of the Raritan River
-It's at the Beach . . so a completely different attitude than those farther north . . . many flip flops around during summer months.

*Asbury Park is split with basic cable, some residents get Cablevision, some get Comcast.


Test for Animoto said...

C) None of the above... CENTRAL!

John and Lisa Howard-Fusco said...

That's not even close: North Jersey without a doubt.

BGH Pete said...

If I had to choose then, yes, I'd say north Jersey. But, as already anticipated, I endorse central Jersey, or, for me it's enough to say the Jersey Shore. But yes, north if I had to choose. Where does Toms River fall by the same reasoning?

amy said...

Great site, I've linked to it on the blog.