Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Is Flemington in North or South Jersey?

Is Flemington, the county seat of Hunterdon County, in North or South Jersey? Please Vote above.

Arguments for North:

-It is called a "sub" there
-Few Philadelphia local news channels in sight on basic cable (only FOX 29 and CW Philly)
-Mostly New York area sports' fans
-People will fly out of Newark rather than Philadelphia.

Arguments for South:

-There is a nearby Wawa
-It is Pork Roll, not Taylor Ham
-It is south of the Raritan River
-Closer to Philadelphia in miles.

Note: Google maps lists Flemington as being the same driving TIME distance (not miles) to Center City Philadelphia or Lower Manhattan.


Anonymous said...

Nonsense. North, no question. GMaps puts Flemington only 9 miles from Rt. 78.

John and Lisa Howard-Fusco said...

That's a tough one. I would go with North, because it's north of Trenton. 'Is it north or south of Trenton?' is the tiebreaking question I ask. :)

Great site about a great subject. Good luck with the film!

Christine said...

North no quesstion