Monday, May 5, 2008

Ladies? What will you be wearing out this weekend?

Even in the spring/ summer, you can usually catch a North Jersey girl wearing stilettos. This can be debatable when the North Jersey girl is "down the Shore" (they would never say "to the beach,") but usually our North Jersey girls insist to bring a pair along wherever they travel.

While in South Jersey, it's flip flops!

Does that mean if there is a Central Jersey then women there wear kitten heels?


Steve said...

OK, someone already emailed me and said even though Sussex County is undeniably in North Jersey - that the ladies wear sneakers there, no stilettos in sight. Agreed . . . but I stand by the rest!

Jen A. Miller said...

I'd say both for the South Jersey shore. A lot of the bars are very casual, which brings out a lot of flip flops (and sneakers for those of us who don't want gunk from the bar floor on our toes -- ew).

But I saw a lot of heels last summer, especially paired with shorts. Still, the heels weren't all that dressy, more wooden heels or natural colors. Lots of wedges, too.

Lauren Spuhler said...

I'm originally from South Jersey and only wear flip-flops to the beach. This weekend, it's either wedge heels or stilettos for me!