Monday, September 29, 2008

The song I'd like to be in the credits . . .

If you don't know . . . when a film buys the rights to a song for the opening or closing credits to a film, it usually costs more money. We will be posting some of the amazing bands whose music will be featured in the film on this blog.

But for now, my wish list for the ending credits goes to this song.

I tried to find a Bon Jovi song that was a real gem, something that hasn't been played out and something where people will wonder, "Wow, how did I miss that one?" Click on the play device on the right hand side of the web page to play the track.

If the band gets and unusual increase in downloads to this song on itunes, zune, napster or any of the other licensed music sites, we can make a strong case to the publishing and record company, but more realistically - the band - to give us a reduced price. Oh yeah, if anyone knows any members of the band, we would be happy to give them our rough cut. I think the film will speak for itself.

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