Saturday, September 6, 2008

Buckets of rain . . buckets of tears . . .

If you remember this post, you will see that all of us here at New Jersey: the movie have fallen on dire economic times. We asked some of you to give and some of you have, including: Kenneth Kolanko and Louise Bolge. Thank you!

Sometimes, it is amazing how independent film even gets made. Again we are hoping the film speaks for itself. . . and the positive reviews will role in, and then someone (maybe a studio?) will make us an offer. But future hopes don't pay the present bills.

Andrei got a new apt. . . (but not a new paycheck . . . and you'll bet that I'm stalling as long as humanly possible) and they sent me this pic via cellphone that I thought was classic.

They're still unpacking stuff during a raining day which I'm sure is putting us all down. The worst for me is that the Mets - Phillies' game was postponed!

OK, I'm done begging for money in future posts. But we do hope that you will come and see for yourself anyway and make it your call . . . . I can't wait for Tuesday!

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