Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mercer county is South Jersey!! ??

They did it at wikipedia again. Someone re-edited the site and now there is a map that clearly puts Mercer County in South Jersey. . . even though every resident I interviewed there clung to the "Central" banner.

And how can you put a county where you can literally see the NYC skyline (Union) in Central Jersey?

I don't necessarily deny Central Jersey - I just thought for our documentary we could lean every place in "Central Jersey" to the North or South.


"The City" for you is:

A) New York City
B) Philadelphia

A) Makes you more north
B) Makes you more south

End of story . . but hey, anyone can edit wikipedia . . be my guest.

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MC said...

I'm from Bridgewater (North/Central but Bridgewater folk consider ourselves Central) - the city for me is A: New York City.