Sunday, July 13, 2008

Welcome NY Times readers

Hello NY Times readers. In this blog you will find many theories, maps, quickly done clips, and other random posts.

This is a debate that New Jersey has had with itself since I can remember.



rcordts said...

Except for two years in the service and four years working in PA, have lived the rest of my 74 years in NJ. Have always considered anything above New Brunswick North Jersey and anything below the Mason Dixon Line South Jersey, with everything between CENTRAL Jersey. All the current debates as to what is North and South is rather "new" to me.

Another thing that "boggles the mind" is this talk about subs and hoagies. I grew up in the deli business in Bergen County and there was never any probelm when someone came in and ordered a sub, hoagie or even a grinder. Everyone I worked/delt with knew exactly what they meant -- the same thing.

Good luck with your movie. Am looking forward to seeing it once it's released.

Jennifer Battista said...

I just read the NY Times article and really enjoyed it. Although I have to say I am from Hazlet, NJ (Monmouth County) and have always considered myself to be distinctly from Central Jersey. I spent all my summers growing up in LBI and was a bit baffled by the Southern Jerseyites I encountered there and their strange ways. A different breed for sure!