Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rainy days, busy week ahead

This weekend was quite eventful. We went from Trenton and headed south to Salem County, then drove Route 49 through Cumberland and Cape May counties to my Shore base in Somers Point, then up to Smithville.

Today was spent in Hoboken, New Brunswick and into the Hunterdon towns of Clinton and Frenchtown. It was rainy, but worth getting out to see these great places. Hunterdon is especially beautiful. Western Hunterdon county has a very strong PA influence (just simple geography), but also a NYC flavor as well because of its proximity to Interstate 78. The heavy rain mangled with our camera a little and we are working on fixing the technical glitches from today's shooting . . . I am so wishing we shot in HD. Anyway, here are some outtakes It is too late for me to do any real editing (again, I'm not getting much sleep lately), so enjoy it raw:

I am heading to Warren and Sussex counties tomorow, with a break at Drew University with NJ's famed historian, John T. Cunningham. Later on, we will film at a Sussex Skyhawks' game. Hope the weather holds off. I like wearing my cargo shorts because of all of the pocket room that holds my pens, cards, etc . . . Overall they make filming and interacting with people much easier with this. I am not liking the thought of having to wear long pants in August. Warm up weather!

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