Thursday, August 16, 2007

At the New Egypt Speedway . . .

OK, it's after midnight and I will be staying at my South Jersey base for the next 3 nights, so who knows how my blogging will be? Wish I could post video now, but I can barely keep my eyes open. My bed is calling.

I was at the New Egypt Speedway and got the feeling, though the word, "Central" came out a lot, that "South" definitely was used more. New Egypt (northern Ocean County) is definitely Southern NJ. I interview with the mayor there next week and maybe he'll change my mind. . . it is right near the geographic center of NJ and if you were to look that up, you'd find it and the residents are quite aware of this.

Then, I drove down to (again) Allentown in western Monmouth county and though it was my second time there, I still couldn't get a feeling, but if I had to, I would lean toward Southern NJ again. I'm returning for their Fall Fest, to get more people's opinions in October. It's too nice of a town and too questionable of a place to overlook.

I have many interviews tomorrow, but don't quite know where. Too much going on. I'm going to bed and will wake up early to double check . . . . but I think I will be in Ocean and Hunterdon tomorrow.

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