Monday, December 20, 2010

My day on the Sports Dividing Line

I stopped at 3 bars yesterday during the Eagles - Giants game. The results of what I saw were as unpredictable as the result of the game itself.

My journey started at the Dublin Square in Bordentown. Then, we went northwest to my hometown of Ewing at the Firkin Tavern. Finally we drove south (through PA) & finished at the 45th Street Pub in Edgewater Park.

First, I have stated here before that Bordentown, in Burlington County is safely Philadelphia sports territory. I still stand by that. If you were to go to Bordentown High School, it would be pretty evident. However, because Routes 206, 130, 295, 195 and the Turnpike all intersect in or near Bordentown and because the town has three great sports pubs right next to each other, these establishments are often filled with many Mercer and Monmouth County people - which means more Giants fans. This was obvious at Dublin Square, where I counted 17 people in New York gear and only 4, including myself, in Philadelphia apparel. There were others there, including the Boston guy, but it gives you the atmosphere.

We then trekked to Ewing in Mercer County, which was 6 - 4 Eagles in terms of apparel. But most of the people were Eagles fans. When the Giants scored to finish out the first half, only those four people (pictured) cheered. It was like a funeral in the bar and was a completely different atmosphere from Bordentown. Even though Ewing is further north, it is kind of isolated along the Delaware River if you look at the roads. All you've really got is the Interstate 95's infamous gap to PA and Route 29 to Trenton and Lambertville. The Firkin was an Eagles bar. The four Giants fans also looked like TCNJ students.

We finished by going 95 South through PA and hitting up Edgewater Park. This was safely Eagles country. There were two loud Giants fans at the bar and that was it. I got some locals to pose for a picture, but this was before the big comeback. They reluctantly agreed, but by the end of the game, we are all hugging and high-fiving each other. It was quite a sight. It was quite a game.
It was quite a fun travel day through the sports dividing line of New Jersey.

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