Monday, April 19, 2010

Which blogger will win a free DVD?

Since it is the NHL playoffs and New Jersey has been divided by sports again, I wanted to bring to your attention two great sports bloggers both from New Jersey, one of whom writes all things surrounding the New Jersey Devils and the other who writes about the Philadelphia Flyers.

John Fischer of the blog, In Lou We Trust, which is named after New Jersey Devils' General Manager and member of the Hockey Hall of Fame, Lou Lamoreillo, is from Middlesex County and also a New York Giants fan in addition to pulling for the Devils.

Travis Hughes of Broad Street Hockey, which is named after Broad Street in Philadelphia, as well as the Broad Street Bullies, is a total Philly sports fan, even listing the expansion Philadelphia Union of the MLS as a favorite of his.
They write for the grassroots fan network, SB Nation and when I tell you that it's some of the best sports analysis that I've read, that would be an understatement. It is true that when I was younger on field trips, I still remember going into the offices of the Star Ledger and the Trenton Times and hoping I would see Rich Chere or Mark Eckel respectively. And most of the beat writers' articles are linked on these blogs. But the number crunching and stats compilations these bloggers sometimes pull off is quite breathtaking. The fan interaction options also highlight the experience and its part of the whole (Sports Blog) Nation's philosophy.

Now the two are debating back and forth about this series, Devil and Flyer things on the ice, but also off the ice as well.

So, here's the deal. If the Devils win, I'm going to send a free copy of our DVD to Fischer. If it's the Flyers, I will send one to Hughes. And because I am a big Phillies and Devils' fan, I own sports things they both might like - I will also include a little slice of paraphernalia, probably an old hockey or baseball card or some other form of nostalgia as well with the DVD.

In the meantime, check our their blogs and also the many contributors they have that keep it all running so well. And cheer for your favorite team.

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