Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wawa and Remembering Harry Kalas

Your local NJ Wawa is the exclusive seller for Rich Wolfe's, Remembering Harry Kalas. However, NOT all New Jersey Wawas are selling the below book.

Phone calls and visits to local Wawas in the "Central" areas of the state gave us this map:

The Red Counties represent those with Wawas that ALL sell the book.

The Blue Counties represent those that do not have any Wawas.

The Blank Counties have been singled out.

A "P" means that the Wawa had the book.

The "N" means that the Wawa didn't sell the book.

Two in disputed territories say that they had the book, but that it sold out.

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yowindacup said...

Although I loved Harry, this book is a blatant stab at capitalizing on people's grief over his death. 75% of the book has nothing to do with Harry. The best (or worst) example is Steve Sabol's section which goes on and on about Sabol's life story and has maybe 2 sentences about Harry. This book is shameless.