Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How New Jersey is viewed by America . . .

 . . . AND why I think the most underrated reasons people specify they are from SOUTH or CENTRAL or WEST Jersey is because of these:

I'm getting some North Jersey friends on this for some defense.

Have a good time down the shore this weekend!


t/diddy said...

Hopefully this will let the rest of the world know what we down in Ocean, Atlantic, and Cape May County (aka the real south jersey) have to deal with for 3 months in the summer and every weekend throughout the rest of the year.

Jason said...'s sad, but you're absolutely right. What a gross misrepresentation of everything NJ.

fatdan253 said...

Sorry t/diddy, but South Jersey is the area around Philly and the area not around NY. So, as far the shore points go, if mostly Philly vacationers go there, its probably South Jersey. Toms River and a lot of Ocean County always seemed like kind of a stretch to me. Are they South Jersey cause they are near the shore? Does Philly really predominate people's minds over NY? Do the locals like the Phils and such and think of Philly as 'the city' while the vacationers are New Yorkers and North Jersey folk? As far as I can tell, the only belmar in SJ is spelt B-E-L-L-M-A-W-R.