Monday, March 9, 2009

Toms River - North or South Jersey?

Some people think this is funny that I'm even brining this up. 

But we have a screening in Toms River  at the Toms River Branch of the Ocean County Library on Tuesday March 31st at 7pm with the band, Save Pluto and if I wear my Eagles' jersey there, reminding fans that the Eagles defeated the Giants in January - I don't think I'll get a warm welcome.

Reasons for North:

-Pretty much New York/ NJ Sports' fans - unless you drive farther south toward LBI
-Closer to fly out of EWR than PHL
-It is a sub here
-Have you seen rush hour traffic at (and north of) exit 80?? Even in the winter!
-Nearby Seaside Heights unquestionably becomes North Jersey for 3 months in the summer

Reasons for South:

-It is Pork Roll here
-It has sand
-Look at a map!
-Even though it is closer to EWR, many residents prefer flying out of ACY
-South of exit 80 and you're in the Pine Barrens

Debatable:  I still hear w's slipped into words like "coffee" & "chocolate" here - even by locals (especially younger residents).

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psmom said...

I was born in Northern New Jersey, we never called it Jersey that's an island off the coast of England. I've lived "at the shore" for more than half my life and I've considered this the central part of the state always. But you give us no choice so it must be South.