Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Springsteen songs = free stuff

So, we at New Jersey: the Movie have a challenge for you.

We want to interact with fans more and get people very excited for our upcoming screenings in the next couple months.  So here it is:  

The closest person to guess 7 of Steve's favorite Springsteen songs will win 2 free New Jersey: the Movie t-shirts plus 2 free tickets to one the the upcoming screenings of the film.

1) You have to select 7 songs (not 6 or 8).
2) You must email them to: nsjersey[at] or you may post them in the comment section here.

Winner will be notified via email  . . . 

All we ask is that you become a "fan" on New Jersey: the Movie on Facebook (if you own an account).

HINTS: 1 is a newer song from Magic, 5 are from the 80s (1 from Nebraska, 2 from The River and 2 from Born in the USA) and 1 is from the 70s (and it is NOT from Born to Run).  

1 comment:

jrzygrl78 said...

"Long Walk Home"
"Atlantic City"
"Wreck on the Highway"
"Independence Day"
"My Hometown"
"Glory Days"
"Growin' Up"