Sunday, December 21, 2008

How the state divides HS athletics

OK, I know that we DO NOT acknowledge Central NJ for this documentary when it comes to our "dividing line."

But the state does in many of its classifications. In HS sports it does as well.

I am posting this because it calls into question those people in Somerset, Middlesex and Hunterdon Counties who claim to be from CENTRAL NJ. . . or the "so called" Raritan Valley. Well, for most of you - the state thinks you are NORTH.

The only two counties that fall completely in green (Central) are - Mercer & Monmouth.

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Paul said...

There is definitely a Central, I can understand your resistance given all the effort already put in without acknowledging it, but its definitely there. I think the state has got it about right in this map, with a few quibbles.

Your points about some counties not being completely inside of a region are really pretty meaningless. So what? The county lines a political boundaries, North, South, and Central Jersey are cultural ones.

There is definitely a distinct Central Jersey northern Ocean, Monmouth, Middlesex, and Somerset are the core, how much of Burlington, Mercer and Hunterdon and how far below Toms River to draw the line would be the main points of discussion.