Saturday, November 22, 2008

Preview: some of the bands in our film

One of the bands that we included in the film is, Save Pluto. They competed in a battle of the bands of sort on G Rock Radio and we at NJ: the movie spent a lot of time looking at these bands, especially because most had Jersey roots.

These guys were a definite favorite, and there wasn't many the crew here could agree on. But these guys rocked and were a group who we saw as an up-and-coming band. They stood out from many of the others in the competition. And - they just signed a publishing deal too - so I guess we have good taste!

Anyway, see an interview they did beforehand:

And hear one of their songs . . .

by the way . . . we are not putting this song in, but "Impressed" which you can listen to at their myspace site. The lyrics "are we ever going to get together" had some meaning from my point-of-view on this film . . but anyway, enjoy!

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