Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rate the county: Bergen County

Bergen County: perhaps no county is so synonymous with North Jersey than the rest, but also some place that seems it is its own world at the same time. My first experience with Bergen was watching the movie the Coneheads in high school, where much of it was filmed in Paramus. Of course Paramus is know for its malls, which supposedly makes the town the number one zip code in retail sales in the entire USA . But Bergen is more than Paramus.

I have been to a lot of the towns in the county and there are many beautiful downtowns (see Ridgewood), I awed at the size of the houses (see Alpine) and wondered about the map drawing (see South Hackensack). Check out the hills of Mahwah and Ramsey where you can see the NYC skyline VERY far away on Route 17 south because of their elevation.

It is the only county in NJ (maybe with the exception of Hudson) where some people call the sandwich a hero.

But what is your opinion on Bergen County? Well, here is what Bruce Willis and Jon Stewart had to say about it (and also Salem County):

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loutibbs said...

represent!!! south jersey, beeaaatch!