Thursday, April 10, 2008

Can you be a New York area sports' fan in South Jersey?

These guys are New Jersey/ New York area sports' teams and they say they live in South Jersey. Go ahead and debate!

See their towns too: Jamesburg and Middletown

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Chris said...

I nearly puked when these guys said they were from South Jersey. No self respecting South Jersey resident would be caught dead in these guys' hideous garb or with those accents. There is no debate--anything north of Cherry Hill is North Jersey, although I will concede that between CH and Trenton it could be called Central Jersey. Even Atlantic City doesn't fit with the typical South Jersey way of life--rural farming communities and shore towns. And yes, part of the SJ way of life is the connection to Philly and its sports teams and news. I doubt you'll ever hear any but the most sensational of news about Cape May County on a New York station, but even the mundane can regularly be heard on the Philly stations (most notably Action News, the people's choice of South Jersey). So the demarcation lines of South Jersey are not just comprised of geographic lines but include cultural factors, language and sports team allegiances (insofar as if you root for a NY area team you are not truly a member of the South Jersey society).