Tuesday, October 23, 2007

LBI: Chowderfest

My ventures around LBI. Very rough, but hope you like it. We recommend counting Mets, Yankees & Phillies' apparel on people. Sorry about the typo on "Mets" vs. "Meets." It will be fixed tonight.

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yesno said...

I like your project. I live in the West now, but I'm from Ocean County. Northern Ocean County is more aligned with New York than with Philly-- Mets fans, NY TV channels, people who had moved down from the city. But we did get Philly channels on UHF and there was a fair sprinkling of Phillies fans.

I think your sports team theory is probably accurate, but if I were you I'd listen for accents, too. NJ accents are so weird because they can be seen as different combinations of the NY and Philly accents. The accents of Philadelphia (and Baltimore, for that matter) are subtle, but really obvious when you know what to listen for. A South Jersey guy might say "sub" instead of "hoagie," but if you get him to say "hoagie" it'll come out "heh-oagie."