Sunday, September 2, 2007

Of Football, lip liner and Wawa

We have a lot of footage and will be shooting much more over the next two months. We have so much that I have to get another external hard drive for all of the video!

I really don't quite know if the stuff that I put on here will make final cut. It will be a long process.

But anyway, listen to Stafford Twp.'s Mayor talk about the North Jersey "push" South in relation to football. This would go along with Bob at West and his Receding Hairline Theory:

Some residents of South Jersey will personally define what is South Jersey by the amount of over-development that occurs. If rural character is used as a yardstick then South Jersey is the area that is less developed than North Jersey. Unfortunately, the hairline continues to recede.

Then, listen as a South Jersey girl who moved North describes her definition and how much she loves Wawa. One thing that we're finding here: South Jersey and Shore people are very loyal to Wawa and people that have moved from the North gladly prefer it over 7-11 and Quick Check.

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