Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Update II

Filming to start next week . . . if you're new to this discussion go here to read more: Where is the dividing line?

Filming starts next week and here are the theories we will be investigating:

  1. Sports’ loyalty theory – If you’re a Philly fan, you’re south. If NY/ NJ fan, you’re north. We will be looking at many sports stores in the area and seeing what hats/ jerseys they sell more.

  1. Cable theory – There are spots in NJ where you get the local network affiliates of both NYC & Philly. That’s murky territory and where we will spend a majority of our time.

  1. Driscoll Bridge theory – everything south of it is SJ.

  1. Raritan River theory - ditto

  1. NJ Coastal Rail Line Theory – it stops in Bay Head

We will have a conversation with the mayor of Bay Head to highlight this part.

  1. Capital City Theory – Trenton is the dividing line

Mayor Palmer is going to offer his thoughts on this one.

  1. "Benny"/ “Shoobie” theory – at the shore if you use, Benny you are North, Shoobie you are in the South. We have the group at to interview for this.

  1. Wawa theory – Where the wawas end, that’s North Jersey.

  1. Bob’s Receding Hairline Theory – As NYC suburbs increase and Philly’s decrease, the line is ever changing, but "North Jersey" is moving farther south.

We will be filming at the Trenton Train Station to see how many people take the NJ Transit line to the city or take the Septa to Philly.

  1. West – South Jersey theory – a historical perspective that will be highlighted by interviews with John T. Cunningham and Bob from

11. Area Code theory - 609 & 856 are South Jersey.

We're going to have a lot of fun . . . we have a mayor that swears his town is the center of NJ and many more colorful characters to show you. Also looking for NJ bands who want their music featured. Our favorite so far is Status Green, they really wail.

Finally, this was put on our myspace discussion . . . it is not what we think, but a funny map:

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Tipitina said...

When I went to Rutgers in the mid-80's, the boys at ZBT used to mock each other as being either "201ers" or "609ers" depending on area code of origin. It seemed to be an accurate division of North and South -- but then it seemed that most of the 609ers were residents of Burlington and Camden Counties.